Random Doodles and TSP Art

I have always been into doodling a certain type of drawing consisting of continous curves (example below). Finally, I realized that these images looked like what is known as the TSP Art. TSP stands for the Traveling Salesperson Problem, a well known topic to anyone who ever took an algorithms or operations research course.

The TSP algorithm can be used as a kind of a half-toning method which takes an image and converts it into a continous line drawing that strongly resembles the original image. As trivial as it might sound, this technique has just been introduced in 2004 by Robert Bosch. More information can be found here.

Here is the lovely image of Mona Lisa that I generated using the Concorde software with Lin Kernighan heuristic:
As it turns out, this is an area that evolutionary computing techniques beat the best known heuristic.

There is more to TSP art than just the continous line drawing. Here, I took an image generated using the TSP algorithm on a couple hundred points and divided it into colored segments. Some of the segments look like crazy dancing figures or animals.