About me

I earned my PhD in Computer Science and moved on. My new web site is : http://mindwriting.org

Thesis: Multi-Objective Genetic Programming in Data Visualization and Classification, August 2011


-Evolutionary Data Mining
Flubber is an interactive symbolic regression toolkit based on the ECJ evolutionary computing and Weka machine learning packages.

G3P/MOG3P (Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Projection Pursuit)

-Visual Analytics in Educational Data
My work in visual analytics has contributed to the CEL (Community of Evolving Learners) and CPATH (Curriculum Paths) projects at the Agents Lab. of the Brooklyn College. (Project report) Related publications are here.

-Content-Based 3D Shape Retrieval
I was awarded a research grant by the New Media Lab. of the Graduate Center to support my work on content based 3D shape search. More information here

-Automatic Target Detection
I participated in the Automated Target Detection project at the Pattern Recognition Lab. of the Graduate Center. We utilized mathematical morphology methods to generate a large number of features from the E3D height images and then applied machine learning techniques to separate targets from clutter. More information on this work can be found here.


-Evolutionary Data Mining and Visual Analytics
Icke, I. and Rosenberg A. Automated Measures for Interpretable Dimensionality Reduction for Visual Classification: A User Study, VisWeek 2011 preprint
Icke, I. and Rosenberg A. Multi-Objective Genetic Programming for Visual Analytics. In Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Genetic Programming, EuroGP 2011, volume 6621, pages 323-334, Turin, Italy, 2011. Springer Verlag. link preprint
Icke, I. Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Projection Pursuit for Exploratory Data Modeling, Women in Machine Learning Workshop, December 2010, Vancouver, Canada (oral presentation)
Icke, I. and Rosenberg A. Dimensionality Reduction Using Symbolic Regression, GECCO 2010, Extended Abstract link (oral presentation)
Icke, I. and Rosenberg A. Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Projection Pursuit for Exploratory Data Modeling, New York Academy of Sciences, 5th Annual Machine Learning Symposium,October 2010 (poster) arXiv

-Visual Analytics
Icke, I. Visual Analytics: A multi-faceted Overview pdf Technical report pdf

-Educational Data Mining
Sklar, E. and Icke, I. Using Simulation to Evaluate Data-Driven Agents, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 5269, Multi-Agent-Based Simulation IX: International Workshop, MABS 2008, Estoril, Portugal, May 12-13, 2008, Revised Selected Papers link
Icke, I. and Sklar, E. A Visualization Tool For Student Assessments Data, From Theory to Practice: Design, Vision and Visualization Workshop at IEEE VisWeek 2008 (oral presentation) pdf slides
Icke, I. and Sklar, E. Using Simulation To Evaluate Data-driven Agent-based Learning Partners , Ninth International Workshop on Multi-agent-based Simulation (MABS'08) at AAMAS 2008 pdf
Sklar, E., Icke, I., Camacho, C., Liu, W., Salvit J., and Andrewlevich V., Visualizing Academic Assessment Data, Workshop of Assessment of Group and Individual Learning Through Intelligent Visualization (AGILeViz) at CSCL 2007 (oral presentation) pdf

-Content Based 3D Shape Retrieval
A 3D Model Search Engine Prototype @ New Media Lab (NML), CUNY, The Graduate Center, 2005
Icke, Ilknur. Content Based 3D Shape Retrieval, A Survey of State of the Art, Computer Science Ph.D. program 2nd Exam Part 1, 2004 full pdf slides short pdf

-Automatic Target Detection
Icke, I., Hanchi, J. and Haralick, R.M. Automatic Target Detection using Mathematical Morphology, Technical Report, CUNY, The Graduate Center, 2003 pdf slides

Mengusoglu E., Icke. I. and Yalcin T. Bilgisayar vol. 1 & 2 , Introduction to Computers Textbook for Vocational High Schools in Turkey, 1997

Work Experience

I worked as an adjunct Professor at Baruch College teaching Introduction to Business Statistics. I was an Instructional Technology Fellow at Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business during the 2010-2011 academic year. I worked at the Agents Lab. of the Brooklyn College developing visual analytics methods in educational data mining area. Previously, I was with the Pattern Recognition Lab. and New Media Lab. at the CUNY, The Graduate Center working on various projects on Image/Shape analysis and 3D Shape Retrieval. I also held software development positions at a number of New York City based companies developing various web applications in text classification, marketing, financial services and commodity trading.


Ph.D. in Computer Science ,
CUNY, The Graduate Center, New York, NY
M.S. in Computer Science ,
New York University, New York, NY
B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering,
Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey