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I studied Computer Science (BS,MS,PhD) and also have developed software professionally on a variety of topics such as web applications for direct marketing, commodity trading, call-center resource allocation, semantic web and text classification. AI has been a life-long interest for me; Knight Rider was my childhood hero and “Cybernetics” by Norbert Wiener was a great inspiration to me back in college. My interest in life sciences has grown later in my life. Including my postdoc that introduced me to neuroscience and fMRI, I have been focusing mainly on life sciences and currently employed as an imaging data scientist in pharmaceuticals industry while also working on a masters thesis on CEST MRI. My specific interest in life sciences is early detection of disease and timely intervention before things get out of hand.

My general interests are 1) in bioimaging (and other sensing and computing methods) to study health and early intervention in disease, 2) the symbiotic relationship between AI and complex systems of nature: (a)machine learning/AI tools to reverse-engineer complex systems (especially biological), (b) developing even more effective AI systems based on what we learn from the complex biological systems and 3)cognitive computing and its uses in human-machine collaborative knowledge discovery. By bringing these interests together, my goal is to build a big picture in research and development for early detection of disease and timely intervention to restore health.


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