Instructional Technology Tool using Adobe Flex

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At one point in my academic life, I worked as an Instructional Technology Fellow helping faculty members design online/hybrid courses. When I saw Andrew Ng’s Stanford Machine Learning lectures online, inspired by my job, I wanted to build a tool that would help me study the material by myself. Here is this very primitive tool I wrote using Adobe Flex:

The application contains 4 panels: topic list and corresponding lecture video on the right, a list of related textbooks and a text area to take notes with ‘save as pdf’ capability on the left-hand side of the screen.


Finally, the code is at :
The code was compiled with Adobe Flex 4.6 and works with Adobe Flash player version 11.1

Note that Dr. Ng’s Machine Learning course on Coursera has better quality videos and an easier set of topics supported with Matlab assignments. Nevertheless, this was a cool programming exercise to get introduced to Adobe Flex which seems to have fallen out of favor nowadays…But, it still works!

update: as of 2017, I noticed that video replay from this flash application is no longer working. It seems Youtube is no longer allowing embedding videos within such applications :-(

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