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Machine Learning web service using Python,Bottle and Scikit-Learn

Software as a service (SAAS) is a nice way to provide analytics capabilities to people who are not experts in machine learning and/or do not have time to build the necessary tools. Here, I implemented a simple web service utilizing … Continue reading

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Needleman-Wunsch pairwise DNA sequence alignment RESTful Web Service

Here is a RESTful web service that provides global DNA sequence alignment implementation as a service. See my post on the algorithm itself. Download .war archive with java source code if you would like to install it yourself. The service … Continue reading

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Needleman-Wunsch algorithm for DNA sequence alignment (2 sequences)

Update (May 26th 2014): See the RESTful web service implementation of this algorithm here Given two DNA sequences, you are asked to align these two sequences where for each non-matching nucleotide pair you will be penalized by 1 point and … Continue reading

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