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Instructional Technology Tool using Adobe Flex

At one point in my academic life, I worked as an Instructional Technology Fellow helping faculty members design online/hybrid courses. When I saw Andrew Ng’s Stanford Machine Learning lectures online, inspired by my job, I wanted to build a tool … Continue reading

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Central Pattern Generators to Synthesize Birdsongs

Songbirds are among the most interesting creatures of nature. Out of 10,000 bird species, around 4,000 are songbirds. They sing for reasons such as territorial ownership and mating. The young birds learn their songs by listening to a tutor. This … Continue reading

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Machine Learning web service using Python,Bottle and Scikit-Learn

Software as a service (SAAS) is a nice way to provide analytics capabilities to people who are not experts in machine learning and/or do not have time to build the necessary tools. Here, I implemented a simple web service utilizing … Continue reading

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Needleman-Wunsch pairwise DNA sequence alignment RESTful Web Service

Here is a RESTful web service that provides global DNA sequence alignment implementation as a service. See my post on the algorithm itself. Download .war archive with java source code if you would like to install it yourself. The service … Continue reading

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